Transformers are one of the key and most valuable components in a power system. Equipping them with an on-line monitoring system is essential for information gathering, condition assessment, better management and decision making.

Decades of experience in transformer on-site diagnostics as well as a field-proven hardware platform are built into Končar TMS – a state-of-the-art monitoring and diagnostic system.

  • Comprehensive on-line monitoring system for all types of power transformers and shunt reactors
  • Modular and expandable system for a new or an existing transformer (retrofitting), open to any transformer manufacture  
  • Provides monitoring and diagnostic for all vital transformer parts by integrating the available sensors and supporting various IED communication protocols
  • Built-in models for transformer condition assessment (bushings, thermal model, insulation ageing, cooling efficiency, OLTC)
  • Advanced trending analysis tools
  • Interpretation methods of fault gas analysis according to the relevant IEC and IEEE standards
  • User defined alarm limit and gradient setting
  • Long term archival of data and event logging
  • Periodic automatic report generation
  • Various remote access options
  • Makes your transformer ready for the ‘Smart Grid’


Transformer Monitoring System - KONČAR TMS

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