Machine Condition Monitoring - KONČAR MCM

Generator-turbine sets are a key component in power production system. Equipping them with a condition monitoring system enables predictive maintenance, risk assessment and asset management. Končar Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) system ensures decision making based on facts and gives insight in true condition of equipment.

MCM monitors:

  • Vibrations (structural part, bearing housing, machine housing)
  • Relative shaft displacement and orbit
  • Magnetic field in air gap and in the end winding region
  • Air gap
  • Process values (active and reactive power, excitation current and voltage)
  • Temperatures (winding, core, cooling system, bearings)
  • Rotating speed
  • Mechanical stress
  • Partial discharges
  • Any other values of interest

MCM system tools:

  • Trend analysis
  • Alarm and event logging
  • Multiplot data history view
  • Spectral plots
  • Orbit plots
  • Polar plots
  • Calculated measurements
  • Imported measurements
    (from SCADA)
  • Data export to text and Microsoft Excel




KONČAR MCM Selection Guide

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