Expert Motor Condition Monitoring - KONČAR EMCM


Electrical machines are involved in all areas of modern life, they come in various sizes, and fulfil their tasks independently or as part of a complex process. Manufacturing process depends on reliability and availability of electric machines which are present in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, foundries, mills, paper manufacturing plants, transport, etc.


By equipping induction motors with an expert system for condition monitoring and fault detection, the users will get a continuous access to the machine and will be able to detect the most common faults at an early stage.




Comprehensive on-line monitoring system for low voltage and high voltage induction motors of all powers and sizes, applicable to the motors with squirrel cage and cast cage rotors:

  • Modular and upgradeable system for new, as well as for existing, induction motors
  • Allows monitoring and diagnostics of all major motor parts
  • Long-term data storage and important events tracking
  • Local and remote system access
  • Applied expert knowledge based on the finite element methods calculations and sensors for detecting faults of rotor cage and stator winding



  • Fault detection at the early stage of its development significantly prevents or reduces the damage caused by fault and unplanned downtime of machine
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Better induction motor managment
  • Increased human security and enviroment protection due to early fault detection


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