Electrical Machine Black Box - KONČAR EMBB

Electrical Machine Black Box - KONČAR EMBB Brochure      



IFIA Trophy 2013


The KONČAR EMBB system records all harmful working conditions that are not allowed or represent a potential danger to the machine’s lifetime.

By equipping the synchronous and asynchronous machines with EMBB system owners and users get an additional insight into the harmful working conditions during machine operation.

EMBB allows a better asset management, and a reliable monitoring of the machine, especially during the warranty period.     


  • Detects and records harmful working conditions
  • Enables predictive maintenance of the machine
  • Reveals failures caused by harmful machine use
  • Enables a better asset management
  • Reduces the potential damage costs


KONČAR EMBB system detects:

  • Asynchronous operation
  • Incorrect synchronisation
  • Significant asymmetry
  • Two-phase operation
  • Overloading
  • Overheating
  • Extensive vibrations
  • Run-out 



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