Electric power system is a backbone of today’s economy which relies on stable, uninterruptable supply of electric energy that is needed both in industry and in most areas of our private lives. According to its importance, electric power system has to be maintained, controlled and protected against possible faults and other abnormal phenomena. The most important parts of every electric power system are electrical rotating machines, especially those involved in the production of electrical energy. Constant increase of the reliability and availability of such machines is of utmost importance. Also, the current practice is to extend periods between planned outages of the machines. Any malfunctions and unnecessary and unplanned outages can cause extensive material damage.

The way to alleviate or even prevent such events is implementation of various condition monitoring systems. 


SHCM system features:

  • Comprehensive on-line monitoring system
  • Applicable to all types of small hydro power plants

  • Modular and upgradeable system for new, as well as for existing, power plants

  • Long-term data storage and important events tracking (trends, waveforms, alarms …)

  • Local and remote system access


Small Hydro Condition Monitoring – KONČAR SHCM Brochure


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