Rail vehicle control and monitoring solutions

Over the decades of involvement in R&D of KONČAR’s railway vehicles the Institute has specialized itself in providing a wide range of control and monitoring solutions in this area. Thanks to strong R&D team, responsible both for hardware and software, the Institute successfully managed to adopt and customize existing solutions as well as to solve specific problems and provide target solutions.

Highlights of hardware and software platforms are robustness and harsh environment, safety standards, user friendliness, reliability, obsolescence management, long-life/backward-compatibility and graphical programming. For detailed information, please contact us or download our TCMS brochure.


Rail vehicles


Proprietary graphical programming tool Grap, delivered with hardware components, but also stand-alone solution supporting different platforms, allow customers to easily implement all ideas and requirements connected to application software.


Depending on customers’ requirements the Institute can offer a variety of solutions for electric or diesel multiple units, electric or diesel locomotives or tramcars:
  • delivery of complete standardized vehicle control and monitoring solution (TCMS) with on-board communication infrastructure and service of integration with equipment of other manufacturers
  • solutions tailored for a particular type of vehicle
  • refurbishing and modernization of vehicles control and monitoring systems
  • support in all phases of the product’s life cycle – development, commissioning and operation
  • expert consultancy regarding communication infrastructure of vehicle



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