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Key features:

  • Graphical programming - without textual coding
  • Easy, drag and drop, intuitive design
  • Deterministic execution time, full execution control
  • Optimized and reliable design elements
  • Precise diagnostic and error detection
  • High level of code reuse
  • Suitable for SIL2, SIL3 and SIL4 (safety integrity level)
  • Suitable for SIL SIL 2 SIL 3 SIL 4

Grap-IDE is easy to use, graphical programming tool for embedded software development. It enables fast creation of high quality embedded software, without extensive programming knowledge. It is optimized for developing different embedded systems such as control systems for power converters, active filters, power supplies and safety critical systems. For details, go to the References page.

It includes:

  • proven RTOS,
  • libraries of graphical programming elements,
  • common graphical editor,
  • real-life control solution examples.

Grap-IDE allows your application engineers to develop safety critical applications faster than ever, yet very efficiently, without sacrificing any of your company quality and recognisability of your products.

Why choose Grap-IDE?

No matter whether you have a big company or you are just starting your own business, whether you are a hobby developer or you don’t like textual programming, Grap-IDE is the right programming tool for you! It allows you to quickly move from beginner to advanced programming of embedded systems. You don’t have to think how to put your ideas into programming code, your ideas are finally in the first place, as it should be. Once you know what kind of embedded software you need to develop, you can quickly start transferring your ideas into the Grap graphical code.


"Code" with graphics

Grap enables application engineers to be experts in control algorithms without extensive knowledge in textual software coding. As your ideas come, you can draw them in Grap, as schematics.


Use pre-made design elements

With more than 300 programming elements in the library, ranging from basic logical, arithmetical and input/output programming elements, to specific communication protocol programming elements, Grap offers modularity and applicability to various levels of demand. All programing elements are carefully optimized on a low assembly level.


Communicate with the target

During the application development, you can examine the application program behaviour any time using ZZT. ZZT is a powerful service and diagnostic tool. It is a part of the Grap-IDE. It allows you to establish communication with the target system and load, debug and commission your software.


Track your system

With ZZT you can track your system's inputs and outputs. It enables you to track signals that are much faster than the communication between your PC and target system. You can use ZZT for real-time, offline tracking of your signals. You can also track signal waveforms, like on an oscilloscope.


Adapt and change the system

Change your signal values while the application program is running on the target system without interrupting or stopping the application program. Track again to see how your changes affect your target system.


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