Rotating Machines Laboratory

In our Laboratory we perform all kinds of tests of magnetic materials, conductors and insulations:
  • AC magnetic measurement (AC magnetic properties of magnetically soft materials up to 60 kHz, measurement of dynamic hysteresis loops, measurement and separation of eddy current and hysteresis looses, complex permeability components, permeability of paramagnetic austentic steel and fully magnetic steel…)
  • DC magnetic measurement (measurement of DC magnetization curve and static hysteresis loop for all kinds of steel, relative permeability curve…)
  • Measurement of permanent magnets properties (pulse magnetization, yoke magnetization, determination of permanent magnet characteristics)
  • Conductor characteristics (determination of specific conductivity, dielectric characteristics of insulation, ageing, thermal shock…)
  • Solid electrical insulation materials characteristics, slot insulation materials


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Thermal Cycle Testing

As a part of the laboratory we have a chamber for Thermal Cycling Test according to IEEE 1310. We can perform thermal cycle tests for all types of bars and form-wound coils and all types of insulation. Thermal cycling test is automated and computer controlled. Temperature of the samples is measured all over the chamber. Special care is taken on uniform temperature distribution during heating and cooling. Laboratory is equipped with power source to provide current for all cross sections of bars and coils. Cooling is performed by controlled fans.



Thermal Cycle Test Brochure

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