High-Power Laboratory

The testing capabilities of High-Power Laboratory, especially high-current tests at low voltages (short-circuit current and breaking capacity), make it unique in the Republic of Croatia.  The Laboratory is accredited according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007 for “current testing of electric power equipment and testing of conformity of electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits“.


  • Development, type and special tests of:
    HV and LV switching devices and fuses
  • Installation switching devices
  • Connection accessories for industrial applications and joint equipment for transmission lines
  • MV and LV switchgear and controlgear,
  • Metal-enclosed busbars
  • Instrument and distribution power transformers etc.

in accordance with valid national and international standards (HRN, EN, IEC, GOST etc.).





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Accreditation Certificate No. 1139 

   Short-time Withstand Tests:

  • Short-circuit withstand tests of LV, MV and HV switching devices, switchgear and controlgear, current transformers and other electrical
  • Short-time current tests of distribution power transformers.
  • Breaking capacity tests of LV switching devices
  • Breaking capacity tests of LV fuses and 1-pole switching devices
  • Short-circuit tests of LV switching devices for determination of arc energy and let-through specific energy i2t
  • Tests of arc propagation effects on parts and compartments during short-circuit in switchgear and controlgear, especially explosion-proof ones                                                                        

    Low-Voltage Tests:

  • Complete type tests of switch disconnectors, motor and control switches and fuses
  • Tests of characteristics of releases, bimetallic overload and electromechanical relays
  • Tests of characteristics of vacuum switching devices
  • Tests of characteristics of electromagnets
  • Temperature-rise tests of switching devices, switchgear, controlgear and other devices
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